How to optimize your blog page?


For the optimizing blog page, the first and foremost thing is to write quality content. How to write an SEO blog? It is very simple, all you need to place your keywords correctly in the blog. Putting keywords in such a manner so that it makes some sense. Many times, we find that the keywords are stuffed in the content and the sentence has no meaning.

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help in the ranking of the website and content brings users to the website. Avoid keyword stuffing if you want to rank your website at the top of the search engine. Rather use LSI (Latent Semantic Index) keywords in your content.

Optimizing the Blog
SEO services are an important factor for the ranking of the website. You need to keep your sentences short for a good result on the search engines. Short and prompt sentences are an essential factor when you are writing a blog. A blog must be written in passive voice and the text must contain headings.

Without heading and short sentences, it becomes difficult to rank a website on the top of Google and other search engines. After you have completed writing the blog, provide a good title and description to the blog of the website.

Use transition words in your content. The words like, “but”, “and”, “so”, “because”  are all transition words.

Next, you need to add the location where you want your website to rank. Then add tags, this is the most important thing to keep in mind. The more tags the better will be the rank. There is an option of customizing the permalink, you can even customize your permalink according to the keywords of the content.

When you are done adding a title, description, and tags to the blog, then add an image. While adding an image, use alt text that determines what type of image has been used in the blog.

Build up a CTA at the body of the blog to allow the visitor to sign up. Keep your blog simple and easy to read. Make your blog more informative as the customer looks for new information related to a particular thing.

Relevant keywords of the blog are enough for bringing traffic and customers to the website. People mostly search using short-tail keywords. So, your main focus must be on the short-tail keywords.

Guest posting is also another method for ranking yor website and for bringing traffic to your website. Apart from guest posting, Web 2.0 is also very helpful. For web2.0, you can use bloggers, medium, Tumblr, and many more to post your blog. Interlink your company’s URL to bring the respective customers to your website. The same rule applies for web2.0 as well, you need to add more and more tags.

Optimize an image properly before posting it on the blog. How can you optimize the images? Images can be optimized by adding Geotags, adding keywords to the image.By this way, you can easily rank a website at the top of Google, Bing and other search engines as well.

In SEO service, it is necessary to add an inbound as well as an outbound link (internal and external link). A blog will not be properly optimized if you forget to add inbound and outbound links to the content.

Now it is time to tell Google about the blog you have posted. But how will you do this? For this, you need to fetch the blog’s link on the Google search engine. First, you need to sign in to your Google account and under your project’s URL, you will be adding the new link of the blog.

Before writing content, the most important thing a writer must do is to research. The more you research on a certain topic the better will be the result. What a writer needs to do is to research the current topic which most people are searching for.

Try finding out the taste and preferences of the customers. There are many free tools in the market that help you get a good topic to write on.  You need to select the right keyword and you get a relevant topic for your website. Add FAQs too in your blog as people are searching more on that topic.

Summing Up
These are all the tips through which you can easily rank your website. Hire a professional content writer and digital marketer that provides quality SEO service. Code Buzzers is one of the top web designing companies offering high-quality service to their valuable customers. Get in touch with them today for more such quality services.

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