The Role Of COVID-19 in Upsurge of Mobile Apps Usage

Mobile Apps

The influence that technology has had on our everyday life is beyond doubt. In the 21st century, every aspect of life has been touched by mobile apps technology. Technology has made life easier by providing easy access to Medicare, food, transportation to being productive and socializing. 

Since the outbreak of the global pandemic COVID-19, the world has been in a mess. Every aspect of our life and the world as well has come to a halt. The worldwide lock downs and quarantine measures have confined people within the four walls of their homes. 

While “work from home” has been accepted as the new norm, traditional classroom education has been transformed by the virtual learning experience since the outbreak of the pandemic.

No doubt, this pandemic has turned our lives Topsy-turvy. But this pandemic has also paved the way for mobile app development companies. In the current times, almost every business is investing money in hiring a mobile app development company to amplify the growth of their business through mobile apps. Mobile app development companies have been in high demand during this period of global lock down. 

Let’s explore the impact of COVID-19 on mobile phone apps. 

Want to play games? Want to design something? Want to host meetings? Want your favorite momos to be delivered to your doorstep? Download the apps from the play store and relax at home.  

  1. Digital contact tracing apps to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Whilst the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the government has been constantly designing strategies to control the spread of this virus. Digital contact tracing (DCT) apps are designed for mobile phones which would report the mobile users with those infected with the virus. 

With the installation of this application on mobile phones, the users would be able to keep track of the seriousness of the situation in their immediate neighborhood. This has also assisted the government to control the widespread pandemic and has saved the lives of thousands of people. 

  • Social media platforms aided in connecting people with each other and also spread awareness.
Social Media Mobile Apps

Social networking sites have provided people to connect in such distressing situations of global lock down. Through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, people could interact with friends and relatives living across the sea. These platforms have also proved to be an excellent platform to educate the masses about the pandemic. Posting images, videos, infographics relating to COVID-19 has educated the public about the dos and don’ts. 

  • Applications assisting in the virtual learning experience and for remote working. 

Traditional classroom learning has now shifted to virtual learning and “work from home” is now a new norm. This has led to excessive dependence and usage of mobile apps. We must acknowledge these apps for providing us with the platform to attend our school and college classes without interruptions. 

Also, we must not forget the contribution of apps such as Zoom, Google meet, Microsoft teams, Skype, which have made our remote working easier. The introduction of such applications for education and remote working has made it possible for us to be productive while staying at home.

  • Connecting with your loved ones is made easy with video calling apps. 

No doubt, the times have been tough for each one of us. Losing a member to COVID-19 or quarantining oneself because of COVID-19, our mental health took a toll on us. But thanks to such video calling apps such as Google duo or Hangouts which made it easier for us to connect with our friends and relatives, and made the times if not easier, but bearable for us. 

  • Mobile apps have made it convenient to shop from home.

The COVID-19 pandemic makes people anxious at the very thought of stepping out of their homes. But this hasn’t made life more difficult. The development of mobile apps such as Grofers, Big basket, Spencers, and other such apps have made it possible to have groceries and fruits delivered to your doorstep. This has significantly reduced the risk of transmitting the disease. 

In this pandemic, there has been an upsurge in the development and utilization of mobile apps. In the short span of two years, thousands of applications have been developed to meet the demands of the situation. 

Global Mobile Apps Spending

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