Use of Firebase Android SDK and Android App bundles in App Optimization

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App Optimization is a process of ameliorating app visibility in the app stores and elevating app conversion rates. The main app stores include Google Play for Android and App Store for iOS. Additionally, app optimization focuses on click-through rate (CTR) to ranking high within the app store search results. This indicates you’ve to convince people in such a way that they actually hit into your application store listing once they find it. You’ll be able to do this by optimizing your App Title, App Name, App Screenshots App Icon, and App Rating.

Importance of app optimization for app growth

More than 5 million apps are gettable to download from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. It’s likely that your app is facing tons of tough competition. The prime goal of app optimization is to intensify download, and therefore, the number of loyal users. The primary step of maximizing downloads is to form your app quite easily discoverable by the users built up by the mobile app development company. But how are you able to do that? To understand the way to amplify your organic growth, you initially need to understand how people are checking out and finding apps.

Optimize your app utilizing the Android App Bundles and Firebase Android SDK
With Android App Bundles, you would be able to separate your app into feature modules and a base module, permitting certain attributes of your app to be downloaded on demand or delivered conditionally. Each user of your application will receive only the code they require once they need it.
As of the 28.0.0 release of the Firebase BoM, you could now utilize Firebase SDKs in feature modules of the app, not just the base module. This indicates that your app size can be reduced if you’re only utilizing Firebase services in some of your modules.

For example, suppose you’ve got an app that utilizes Firebase Authentication for sign in and has an option for ‘chat with support’ feature, which uses the Firebase Real-time Database. Within a monolithic app structure, all of those features would be comprised within the base app module and delivered at the install time.
With the newest version of the Firebase Android SDK, you can utilize feature modules to make a separation between each feature. The sign-in feature could still be delivered at install time, as most of the users need to log in. Nevertheless, by moving from the ‘chat with support’ module to a feature module modeled with on-demand delivery, it might be delivered only the user actually needs it.
With this modular structure, your app’s initial download size is far smaller. The feature module will shelve downloading of not only the Real-time Database SDK, which is approximately 400kB, but also all of the strings, code, assets, and resources required to construct the chat module.
By employing a modular architecture, you can deplete the initial download size of your app and successively escalate it with rich, Firebase-powered features as required.

Advantages of app optimization

Now you get to know that the majority of users find apps by searching out in the app stores developed by a mobile app development company. Due to this, app optimization is a must if you would like to urge your app ahead of the real users. In fact, many of us argue that optimizing the app is the best effective marketing strategy for mobile games and apps.

• Improve visibility in the app stores

People wouldn’t be able to download and utilize your app if they can’t find it. So regardless of how great your app is, if it’s not readily discoverable, you won’t reach the actual app success that you simply deserve. Commence optimizing, and don’t let all of your diligence go waste.

• Boost organic app downloads 

A decent app optimization strategy will surely augment your organic installs and assure long-term results. That’s because when people look for keywords associated with your app, they’ll always find yours. With routine monitoring and updating, you make sure that your activities are successful.

• Get discovered by relevant users always

It is not truly enough that your app is found; it’s to be found by the proper users – users that are literally on a search for an application like yours. App optimization gets you to the relevant users because it matches your app to pertinent keywords. These are the search terms people will utilize to discover your app.

• Reach out to the global audience with your application

By making your app available in some other languages through an app optimization process called localization, you’ll get users from everywhere to find your app. App optimization could definitely help you take your app global.

• Cut down user acquisition costs and obtain continuous growth

Instead of disbursing money on ads, you could lessen your user acquisition costs by considering organic growth with app optimization. This not only saves your money but also stipulates steady growth.

Once your app development is accomplished by a mobile app development company in kolkata, and you became familiar with the fundamentals of app marketing, you need to make a decision on where to publish your app. Most of the developers pick Google Play for Android and App Store for iOS. You could publish on both if you opt to develop your application for both operating systems.