How to use basic web design?

Web Design

How to use basic web design? We all want our sites to be functional, but if we’re lacking a bit of style, too many flashing banners and too many photos of the latest celebrity to entice visitors, then the whole thing can go wrong. Learning how to use basic web design is important in a world full of complicated sites – the average web surfer is bombarded by information and images all at once, and it’s easy to get confused, with no solid sense of where to start.

Components Of Web Design

You might think that it’s difficult, but actually, it’s quite straightforward. There are two main elements you need to master – your template and your content.


Templates are, obviously, the pre-designed pages you see on many sites. They come with instructions on how to make them look nice, usually using something called flash, so they’re pretty basic.


But then there’s the content. This is where most people mess up.  First, they try to make their site as good as possible. Then, they add all sorts of graphics and special effects, which can work well when used sparingly, but usually end up having a negative impact. Visitors quickly tire of over-elaborate designs and will quickly click out or leave the site, feeling like all their effort has been wasted. A website design company can create the perfect website for you.

How should Web Design Elements Look?


Web design elements should be simple, clean and professional. Using too many images, too many buttons and too many fancy fonts make a site look amateurish.

It’s important to remember that most visitors to a site won’t know anything about how to use a mouse button, how to change font styles or how to select a colour scheme – so don’t do it.

 It’s far more convenient and easier to just type in what they want to read and have the site print it out for them. That said, however, it’s worth learning how to use basic HTML and text formatting on a website, as well as learning to use one or two graphics to spice things up a little.


The layout of a website is, of course, the biggest factor in determining how to use basic web design. It’s important to keep the page easy to navigate. No one wants to spend time trying to get to the back button! It’s also important to think about how visitors will view the site. Is it better to have a side panel on the left-hand side of the screen, with navigation links leading to the alternate pages on the right, or vice versa?

How to use this basic knowledge?

To start with, remember that you should keep the site relatively simple. At times we often think that simple things would not be attractive but this is wrong. If visitors aren’t able to find what they’re looking for within a few minutes, chances are they’ll go elsewhere. Complex sites with lots of moving pieces usually result in a lot of wasted web space, so it’s best to stick to relatively simple designs. You may consider breaking down the page into sub-pages, if necessary.

Web Design

Colourful but simple

As far as aesthetics go, do not be afraid to use colour. However, if the content on your website is very important, it’s probably best to stick with black text on a white background.

Simple layouts are always the best. Use as much Flash, as possible. It’s incredibly effective, and loads quickly. Keep these things in mind.

So, how to use basic web design? This is a question that is frequently asked by people well, That’s pretty easy! If your site is clean, simple, and professional-looking, it’ll reflect positively on you and will enhance your growth. So, chose wisely! Do not be afraid of flashy colours. But do not make your site’s layout too cluttered either. That can ruin the effectiveness of the images you use.

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