Importance of White Space in UX Design

UX Design

The area between the design elements is known as the white space. An experienced web design company knows why white space matters the most in UX Design. White space can be a texture color, pattern, or background color Visual design has developed massively over the past years. These graphic designs are now known as UX Design.

As everything is going online, a business, cab booking, tickets booking and so on. In order to offer a better user experience, a good web design company in Kolkata makes use of UX Design. The best part about UX design is that it lasts for years and has a great impact on the ranking of the website.

White Space
White space is an unmarked space in between the design. The white is found between the lines of the layouts, paragraph, and UI components. White space can be of any texture, background image, color, or pattern. The two most common types of white spaces are Active and Passive White spaces.

White space changes the design and provides overall benefits to the website. You must create different types of design and layout to engage your audience. Web design company tries to fulfill the needs of the customer by providing them the best-designed website.

White space adds emphasis to the website. White space surrounds the logo or the crucial part of the website and that has a great emphasis on the audience. This catches the eye of the audience and reaches out to the website. It makes the logo more attractive and visible. White space helps in balancing harmony.

White space is used to enhance the comprehension of the website. The white space between the paragraphs is necessary to maximize the comprehensiveness of the website. The fine white space between the paragraphs is also known as Micro Whitespace. White space guides the eye of the user.

Interaction Rate
White space on the website increases the interaction rate too. It maximizes the chances of conversion rate. Web design company must create white spaces to attract more visitors to the website.


You have to ensure that the group-related components are close together. This is done to implement the proximity principle. For this, you need to gather personal information like the name and address in one group. Little space for another group that comes under the details of debit or credit card. This keeps the user closely related to the components of the website.

Luxury and Sophistication
White Space is the core element if used to make a specific appearance. A huge amount of white space adds luxury and sophistication, it increases efficiency. A lot of graphic design can ruin the look of the website. You must concentrate on using the graphic elements in a better way.

Put your imagination into effect, be more creative and innovative when it comes to designing the website. When you are involved in designing you make every possible way to design it in such a way to attract buyers.

Visual Hierarchy
Showcase the visual hierarchy between the components of the page. Increase the size of margin and patterns of the website to put more stress on the elements. Do not forget to put the essential components like CTA (Click Through Rate). Focus on other important aspects like content and SEO.

White Space in UX Design

Without proper SEO, your beautifully designed website won’t be able to reach out to the audience. Content is what keeps your audience engaged with the website and reduces the bounce rate of the website. Quality content leads to an increase in sales and brings more customers to the website. Hire professionals for the proper optimization of your website.

Though white space is the most important part of UX Design, many businesses still rate it as wasted space. It becomes tough for a web design company to make the client convinced on the use of white space. White space adds value to the website of a company that ultimately leads to the profit of the firm. It removes distractions for the readers to appreciate and enjoy.

The fine line between paragraphs increases the readability, hence increases the user experience. Space makes it look aesthetic and balances everything. Enlarge the image background to make the website more appealing to the audience.

When you are successful in convincing your clients about the benefits of white space, the next challenging step is to convince them of the investment. The clients are usually not ready to make any investment in the white space of the design.

Final Thoughts
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