Useful Tools in Vue.js Web Development


Vue.js is a framework of JavaScript that is essential process that developers use for constructing front end and single page apps. These apps are both web and mobile supported. The usefulness of Vue.js is very high, as it allows the developers to edit the page content quickly. Most prominent tech industries develop their projects by using this Vue.js framework.

Best Tools in Vue.js for Web Development

Given below are some of the best Vue.js tools that one can use on their projects.

  1. Vue CLI

The CLI tool is used in the development of structures required for projects, and helps in quick incorporation of boilerplates. Prototypes with new features can be built instantly as well.

It comes with its own set of development tools. These include End-to-end testing, Unit Testing, PWA, PostCSS, TypeScript, ESLint, Babel, and so on. The third-party plugins can also be used with the CLI tool.

Also, there is no need for ejecting Vue CLI. It usually gives an edge in customization options. With the Graphical UI of CLI tool, new projects can be developed and managed efficiently.

  • Bit for Vue

With the Bit tool, component library can be created. Also, there is no problem regarding the collaboration of the UI components and sharing them. UI’s can be developed well independently, and their versions can be further updated as well.

The platform also allows the organization and hosting of the components. Independent components can be pushed from projects to collections. In these collections, the components can be imported, installed, rendered, organized, or documented. As a result, the rest of the team can also find the required components for upcoming projects. also provides auto component docs and rendered sandbox features. The dependency of each and every component is tracked by Bit. Additionally, the components shared once are reusable.

  • Nuxt.js

Once the Vue.js setup is complete, a good boilerplate needs to be arranged such that the applications can be developed with already completed codes. Nuxt.js is an excellent tool for developing boilerplates. It can help in developing applications of various types, such as Static Sites, Server-Side Rendered or SSR, Progressive Web Applications or PWA, and Single Page Applications or SPA.

This tool has modular architecture, and consists of 50 different types of modules. These modules usually help in sitemap generation, getting benefits of PWA, or for the addition of Google Analytics. Thus, this tool increases the development speed. It also comes with extra features such as performance tuning and bundle analyzer.

  • Vuex

The tool Vuex helps in the organizing the functions for state management. It streamlines the mutated state so that the manner can be predicted. This, in turn, removes the unpredictability of the application.

With the Actions, View, and State permits, mutations are allowed. The Actions help to change the State, while the State reviews the truth of the application, and View shows the details to the users. This helps in running the mutation cycle.

Apart from this, Vuex also has features for zero configuration time travel debugging, and state snapshots of export and import.

  • Vue-router

This tool is basically a router. A router is mainly used for mapping the URLs of the applications towards the components. This tool is an excellent router that is configured to support the components.

Vue-router also supports complicated routing with the use of wildcards, querying, and router params. The route changing can be marked with transition effects, and the active CSS classes can be linked as well.

Also, the choice between using HTML5 history or has mode is available with using Vue-router. This is a very useful web development tool, as it helps in improving the user experience by improving user navigation.

  • Vuetify

The Vuetify tool is named after combining the words Vue and Beautify, and it basically means the beautification of the application. This tool is a library that contains picked UI components for developing attractive and beautiful applications.

This tool uses Vue CLI plugin, and provides over 80 different components. It also has inbuilt SSR, and the components consist of controls, Form inputs, Progress widgets, Badges, Buttons, Alerts, Banners, and so on.

  • Axios

Axios is a library tool that manages requests. This was once the official library in the Vue.js framework, but it is now a separate third-party library. It is as popular as it was before.

This universal tool comes with Type Script definitions, and has cancellation support as well. Once the arrangement for a polyfill is done, Axios can work smoothly in any server.

  • Vue Apollo

Vue Apollo is another important web development tool that enhances the usage of GraphQL, which is useful tool for using the benefits of APIS.

With Vue Apollo, GraphQL can be used very easily in Vue. Vue Apollo comes with a Schema and Query Language for back-end applications and front-end applications respectively for smooth exchange of data. With additional support to the SSR, server-side HTML rendering is possible.

Codebuzzers provides excellent service in web development with such advanced tools. This way, any website or application can be designed and developed optimally for the benefit of the users.

Final Words

These are some of the useful tools present in the Vue.js framework. These development tools can help in the development of the applications. As a result, production is delivered quicker, and the time required for development is reduced. This way, the overall productivity can improve with leaps and bounds.